In A Darkened Room

Shhhh! I need to be quiet.

I’m sitting in our darkened room in a bed and breakfast in Jacksonville, Florida. Kish and I are here to visit Richard and have a family Christmas. We got here last night, and Russell is staying at Richard’s apartment.

On these family vacations, it seems that I always spend time in a darkened room. I get up early and don’t want to wake my lovely, slumbering wife by turning on lights, so I will sit in a chair in the gloom, checking my email, watching dawn arrive and the dim light grow through cracks in the drawn curtains and shades of the windows, and trying to be as quiet as a church mouse. I’ve experienced a few stubbed toes over the years, shuffling through the blackness, but it’s worth it.

Sitting in a darkened room says “family travel” to me, because it only happens when I travel with Kish. When I am flying solo, I can spring from bed, turn on every light in the hotel room, and hit the ground running. It’s only on joint trips that I experience this sweet, slow, patient, quiet start to the day.

I hope all of our friends and Webner House readers can enjoy special times with their families this holiday season!

3 thoughts on “In A Darkened Room

  1. Be sure to visit St. Augustine while you are there. The city lights are a popular attraction during the Christmas Season. And get a bowl of Minorcan chowder, unique to the area. We’ll be there next week at a tennis resort.


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