The Denny’s Diet

During our visit to St. Augustine we stopped at a Denny’s — where we felt we just had to try the Red Velvet Pancake Puppies, which are served with a cream cheese icing container “for dipping.” It’s just one of several notable Denny’s offerings in the much-neglected fried/sugar/dipping sauce food group category. Richard said it tasted like an elephant ear.

Denny’s has managed to bring the nutritional value of fair food to a wider audience — literally and figuratively.

1 thought on “The Denny’s Diet

  1. Some of our favorite restaurants in the oldest city include Hurricane Patties where tonight we had a bucket of the biggest, most delicious steamed oysters I have ever eaten. Also Conrad’s for steaks, Athena for Greek, Beachcomber ‘ s for Minorcan. stew — oh I could go on.


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