The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_4513I’ll tell you one thing about our new place that Kasey and I really like — there are a lot of dogs around.  When we are going for a walk, there are dog smells everywhere.  I mean, EVERYWHERE!  There are dog smells on the brick sidewalks, and dog smells on the trees, and dog smells on the little metal fences, and dog smells on the sides of buildings.  And we all know that nothing smells better than a dog.  I could sniff dog smells all day long!

And then there is this big park that is like dog heaven.  Every time we’ve gone there we’ve seen lots and lots of dogs walking with members of their pack.  We’ve seen spaniels and boxers, dachshunds and Corgis, Great Danes and little yapper dogs.  There are even kinds of dogs that I’ve never seen before.  And somewhere, we’ve heard, there is a special dog named Mitzi who is the queen dog of them all.

There were some dogs who lived near our old place, like my friend Sassy, but I bet this new place has more dogs than just about anywhere else in the whole world.  It makes makes Kasey and me feel proud to be part of it.  And, for some reason, it also makes me feel hungry.  But then, I am always hungry!

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