The Perils Of Plunging

Let’s face it — plunging a clogged toilet is one of the worst jobs in any household.  Even under the best of circumstances, it’s dirty and disgusting.

Imagine, though, how you would react if a few strong strokes with the plunger caused a five-and-a-half foot giant Columbian rainbow boa snake to suddenly surface in the toilet bowl?  That’s what happened to an unlucky woman in a San Diego office building.  She noticed elevated levels in a second-floor toilet, fetched a plunger, and got an unfortunate surprise for her good Samaritan effort.  Understandably, she then ran from the room.   Authorities retrieved the snake, which then bit a handler.

Of course, an odd story like this raises questions.  And to answer two of them, no one knows how the snake got into the toilet, and no one has stepped up to claim it.  But, obviously, the most Important question is why the woman put herself in that position in the first place.  If you needed to answer the call of nature in a public building and noticed elevated water levels in a toilet, would you find a plunger and tackle the problem yourself?  Or would you scuttle out of there to find another facility before someone came in and assumed you were responsible for the clog?

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