We’re having work done on our new place that’s brought us into contact with some of the skilled tradesmen of America — a painter, a floor refinishing crew, and, thanks to a mix-up by Columbia Gas, a furnace technician and gas company employee.

IMG_4722I refer to “skilled tradesmen” because it’s impossible not to be impressed by the skills these artisans possess.  It started with our painter, who asked thoughtful questions to make sure he knew what we wanted, gave us solid deadlines and worked weekends to meet them, meticulously applied his painter’s tape to avoid drips and smears and used different brushes from his extensive collection as the work required, and finished on time and on budget.  It was obvious that he cared about the quality of his work.

The same has been true of the flooring guys, who’ve repaired some sections of hardwood floor, diligently taped off vents and cabinets to avoid dust issues, and painstakingly ground off the cover coat on the original hardwood floor without marring doors or baseboards.  Even the furnace technician and gas company worker who came to address our gas problem, on Super Sunday, were unfailingly courteous, competent, and professional as they used their inexplicable equipment and performed their inexplicable tests to first determine that the gas had been erroneously shut off and then get it flowing again.

It’s nice to know that there are still capable craftsmen out there who take pride in a job well done and the results they can produce.

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