FURminator Forever

When you live in temporary quarters while most of your possessions are in storage, you’re going to have moments when you wish you could put your hands on an appliance, article of clothing, or device that’s instead squirreled away in an anonymous box in a warehouse.  And the longer you’re parted from your stuff, the more you miss the little things.

Lately, I’ve been having a strong case of FURminator envy.

For those who aren’t familiar with this terrific product, the FURminator is a heavy duty brush — a “de-shedding tool for large dogs” — that helps to get rid of dog fur.  When Penny gets a vigorous brushdown with the FURminator, the result is large clouds of white dog hair that collect into loose balls and roll across the yard like tumbleweeds in an old western.  Since Penny remains fur-covered, of course, you begin to realize just how much fur dogs carry around.

So why do I miss the FURminator?  Basically, because every one of the dog hairs that would have been gathered into a mass of discarded fur now ends up on my clothing.  I’m a walking testament to the adhesive properties of dog hair, which is clingier than your first high school girlfriend.  My blue cloth winter greatcoat looks like a kind of mangy alpaca effort that Joe Namath might have worn during his Fu Manchu moustache period.  It’s not a particularly attractive look.

So when we finally move to our new place in a few days, I’ll be going through boxes with undiminished zeal, keeping an eye out for a handy little device that, liberally applied, should help to keep our new home from becoming a fur-fest.  FURminator Forever!