Massive Mohawk Meal

IMG_0508Let’s assume, hypothetically, that you’ve had a long, tough day at work.  Let’s assume, further, that when you get home you don’t feel like cooking.  In fact, let’s assume that nothing sounds more appealing to you than a few pint glasses of seasonal beer and a pound or so of quesadillas, preferably interspersed with some tortilla chips and dip.

Brother, I’ve found the place for you!  I give you the Olde Mohawk Massive Mohawk Quesadilla and an excellent Elevator Winter Warmer, all brought to you by a friendly restaurant that is only a short walk from your doorstep.  It’s one of those meals where you aren’t looking for some gaudy, foo-foo foodie concoction but rather something substantial that will stick to your ribs and hold its own against the spicy brew.

Thank you, Olde Mohawk!  This hit the spot.

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