On The Cusp Of The New

Tomorrow Kish and I move into our new house in German Village.  It’s an exciting time for us, as we leave behind our transitional rental place and settle into our own home.

IMG_4639Part of the attraction of this move is the thrill of the new.  For a while, at least, nothing about our home life will be routine — not the path to the bathroom in the morning, not using the stove to prepare meals, not the view out the back window while drinking coffee in the morning.  For days to come we’ll be adding and repositioning furniture, unloading boxes, and figuring out what should go where, and because there is still some work to be done on electrical fixtures, closet doors, and kitchen cabinets, the house itself will be changing around us, too.

Of course, there’s something intrinsically exciting about change.  As Americans, we tend to crave it.  Part of that process always seems to involve getting tired of the old, and we’re feeling that as well.  We’ve appreciated having a rental where we could camp out for two months, but as Moving Day has drawn closer we’re chomping at the bit to move on.

Eventually we’ll settle in to our new home, there will no longer be a sense of newness in every little experience, and novelty will transform into comfort.  That’s in the future, though.  For now, we’re on the cusp of the new, and we’re happy and excited about it.

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