Moving Day

Today, we move.

IMG_4776We’ve got a good game plan and a pretty solid understanding of which pieces of furniture should go where, but the gods always throw you a few curve balls to keep you on your toes.  For one, it’s a brisk 7 degrees outside right now, which means that, with movers trudging in and out through open doors, our new house will be akin to a meat locker for the day.  Bundle up and brace yourself!

For another, our sensitive dogs have gleaned that something is up.  For Penny, this realization — like any realization she has ever had in her life, frankly — has just stimulated her ever-voracious appetite.  For Kasey. it’s an apparent cause of her decision to barf on the floor.  It’s a welcome surprise to start what is likely to be a stressful day.  Who knows how this Mutt and Jeff canine pair will react to being introduced to a new home, and what happy gastrointestinal events might greet us tomorrow morning?

For now, we’re up, guzzling cup after cup of coffee, packing up our stuff in the rental, and gearing up for a big day.

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