Moving With The Herlihy Boys

One last observation about moving:  it sucks almost by definition.  You’re putting all of your stuff — that overwhelming, ridiculous, crippling mass of used material goods that we inevitably accumulate and that follows us around during our lives — into boxes and bags and trucks, taking it to a pristine location, and then taking it out of the trucks and boxes and bags all over again.  It’s a lot of work, and it also makes you ask a central, challenging question:  what is all this stuff, and why in the world do I have it in the first place?

IMG_4787When you find a moving company that actually seems to care about your stuff — treating it with care, rather than the brisk, get-it-over-with-as-quickly-as-possible contempt for your possessions, walls, and door frames that seems to be the order of business for many moving companies — it’s a pleasant surprise that deserves a pat on the back.

Let me therefore commend the Herlihy Moving & Storage Company of Columbus, Ohio.  They packed us up, stored our earthly goods while we were in the rental, and then came to move us into the new place on a cold day with checklist efficiency and professionalism.  One of the movers, Michael, was personally involved in both packing us up and moving us back in, and he showed an amazing aptitude for recalling where things were in our old house that made our placement decisions in our new house in much easier,  It was the kind of human touch that often is missing in the cold world of modern business.  (Plus, I appreciated that he complimented me on my old-school choice of Adidas sneakers.)

Kudos to the Herlihy Moving and Storage Company and their friendly staffers, and thanks.

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