Calling It Spring

This morning we “sprung ahead,” and the temperature actually is above 32 degrees right now.  That’s good enough for me:  I’m calling it spring.

IMG_4873I don’t care that spring doesn’t officially arrive for two weeks.  Equinoxes, vernal or autumnal, are irrelevant at this point.  We’re talking basic mental health and crucial attitudinal adjustments.  The sunshine today and promise of warmer temperatures this week, which might actually touch the 60s (!) — are good enough for me.  In my book, it’s spring.

That’s means it’s time to break out the cleaning supplies and do a little spring cleaning.  In our case, that means continuing to attack the boxes and the miscellaneous items that crowd the shelves, put things away into closets and cabinets, and give everything a good wipe down and dusting.

Cleaning isn’t the most exciting activity in the world, but when you call it spring cleaning and hope — fervently, prayerfully, sincerely, with every fiber in your being — that it means a long, awful winter might finally be over, it’s not too bad.