Couch On!

When you downsize, as we have done, you face a dilemma:  what to do with all of the furniture that worked so well in our former, larger house, but just doesn’t fit in our smaller current home?

IMG_4925Consider our couch.  It has served faithfully as the center of activity in our family room for years.  It’s been perfect for three-across TV viewing, or for a little dog romping.  It’s long enough that one of our fully grown boys could comfortably stretch out for a little late night HBO-fest and wide enough to serve as an ersatz bed, too.  A Harden, it is so sturdy and well-made that we’ve recovered it twice and it still looks and feels great.

But . . . it’s just too big for the den in our new place.  We’ve had it in there, and its length and width just overpower the room.  So we decided to buy a new sofa — and then had to see if we could find a new home for the sofa.  I’m not sentimental about furniture, and I try resist hoarding impulses or the rationalization that we should keep everything in case our two adult sons who live hundreds of miles away might want it someday.  Just giving the sofa to the Furniture Bank didn’t seem quite right, however.

Fortunately the Red Sox Fan and his lovely wife have decided to move to a bigger place, and will need for furnish a rec room.  They were looking for a sofa, and found one in our Harden.  It’s nice to know that it’s found a good home — and, incidentally, one with two growing boys who can stretch out, bounce on the cushions, and maybe pretend they’ve made a sprawling fingertip catch for the winning touchdown before crashing safely onto the sofa and its pillows.

Couch on, fair sofa!

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