IMG_4923I’ve been lucky to work with some great clients in my legal career.  Some of them have bought me gifts, but the Rhino Woodworker actually makes me gifts.  The photo above features two of them — a combination cutting board and iPad stand and a new, still beribboned charcuterie serving board that I got yesterday as a housewarming present.

They’re beautiful, professional pieces of work — carefully cut, sanded, and stained, and in the combination piece the cutting board section fits snugly but smoothly into its base.  The serving board is made from Indiana hardwood and features a natural sharp edge that the master woodworker has carefully preserved.  It’s been coated with wax and mineral oil, and the note above advises on care and the benefits of occasionally applying mineral oil, which can be found at any pharmacy, to “refresh” the wood.  The note also asks that the board be used, and not simply admired.  “Use it.  Cut on it.  Give it some character,” the note says.  We’ll have no problem doing that!

The Rhino Woodworker knows what he’s doing.  He’s got a fully equipped shop and actually enjoys making things.  He’s also got a keen eye for woodworking detail, too.  Once we were at a meeting in a new location and he spent some time examining a curved piece of molding on a wall, wondering aloud at the method the artisan had used to achieve the delicate curve.  I like having his handiwork around the house; it’s kind of cool knowing who made an item that you use regularly.  It also makes me wish that I’d actually paid attention during those shop classes long ago.

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