Dancing In Columbus

It’s been a fantastic NCAA Tournament so far.  Most people would conclude that it will be impossible to top yesterday’s action, which set a record for close games — with one of them being Ohio State’s nice overtime win over VCU.

IMG_4981Those of us who live in Columbus, however, think that today will be even better than yesterday.  That’s because Ohio’s capital city is hosting the Big Dance with four games today and two games on Sunday.   West Virginia beat Buffalo in a great game this afternoon, Maryland is playing Valparaiso as we speak, and Oklahoma plays Albany and Providence plays Dayton tonight.  Leaving work today I saw a lot of fans of the two night game teams sporting their gear and exploring our downtown.

It’s great for Columbus to host these games, and it’s especially nice that they are being played in the Arena District, which is one of the cooler areas of town.  It does a good job of showing Columbus off and making them realize that our city has a lot to offer.  With a great facility like Nationwide Arena, and increasing hotel options, Columbus boosters are hoping that we can get more of these kinds of events.

Enjoy the Big Dance, folks!  We’re glad you’re here.

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