Our New Back Yard

IMG_5102The landscaping work in our back yard is finally done.  It was a big job that required removing a deck, breaking up and hauling away a cement pad, digging out randomly placed concrete blocks, installing a new back fence, grading the yard to a uniform level, and then putting in a patio, stepping stones, and some new greenery and shrubs.  No flowers yet, of course — Mom long ago drilled into me that you never plant flowers in the Midwest until after Mother’s Day — but we’ve got space for them when the time is right.

We love the result (and so do Penny and Kasey).  I particularly like the view, which not only gives us a good look at the brick of our German Village neighbors, but also a peek at the tops of some of the buildings in downtown Columbus.

With the completion of our back yard landscaping, we move one step closer to realizing our vision of what our new house will be.