Hydration Nation

IMG_5192Driving home today from Russell’s show in Detroit, Kish and I stopped at a Speedway somewhere along Route 23 to gas up.  I went inside to use the facilities and there, strategically located on the path to the restrooms, was this extraordinary shrine to hydration.  An entire section of the interior was devoted to every non-alcoholic form of refreshment you could possibly imagine — and this picture doesn’t even include the coffee station that included eight different kinds of coffee and a mocha java machine.

Are Americans really so thirsty that a random gas station stop needs to include a Quench Quad that features so many different kinds of soft drinks in sizes that include large, giant, and suitable for use as a swimming pool?  Is it any wonder that so many Americans are struggling with obesity issues when they are guzzling king-sized cups of sugary beverages and spooning down frozen concoctions every time they stop for gas?

The Graduating Students’ Exhibition

Yesterday Kish and I drove up to Detroit to check out the graduating students’ exhibition at the Cranbrook Museum.   If you are in the Detroit area over the next three weeks, it is definitely worth a visit.

Part of Russell’s piece is shown above. It’s huge, with the wooden Neil Armstrong Mews sign place atop a large print of the sign in a mythical development in Wapokoneta, Ohio.  It’s all part of a larger concept about a Midwestern company that includes a pamphlet that describes Hephaistos’ mission.

The wooden sign itself is beautiful and colorful, but the corporate context makes the piece even more interesting.