The College Students’ Dilemma

IMG_5250This sign, posted in one of the establishments we visited during our German Village pub crawl last night, made me laugh.  Some things never change!  And in case you’re wondering, the undercard bouts before this titanic Main Event include Sleeping vs. Going Out, Beer vs. Mixed Drinks, and Beer Goggles vs. Reality.


On Target

IMG_5266Last night we had a great time with family members gathering for tonight’s memorial dinner for Mom.  After consuming a dozen delicious Harvest Pizzeria pizzas, downing some adult beverages, and puffing some cigars in our back yard, our group ended the evening with a German Village pub crawl that featured some high-quality darts competition at Three Sheets and later at the Beck Tavern.

Darts are a fun game to play when you are out for a beer or two.  I don’t pretend to fully understand the rules of games like Cricket and 301, but you don’t need to be a great athlete to play, and the inevitable failed throws as the alcohol takes hold are a good occasion for hilarity.  I’m happy to report that I hit the bullseye a few times — which is what I’ll focus on rather than the flubs that didn’t make it to the target.