Cbus Coffee

Columbus is blessed with lots of really good local coffee houses.  Kish and I particularly prize Stauf’s Coffee in German Village, which roasts its own beans, has a wide selection for every kind of coffee taste, and then grinds the java to order depending on the kind of coffee maker you use and whether it uses a basket or cone filter.  It’s got pretty good baked goods to go with the brew, too.

IMG_5438Experience Columbus, one of the local booster organizations, has teamed up with some of the Cbus coffee shops to offer The Columbus Coffee Experience, which aims to encourage the uninitiated to sample some of the finest joe you can get anywhere.  The participating beaneries are Boston Stoker, Impero, Mission Coffee Co, and One Line Coffee, all of which are in the Short North, Cafe Brioso, Cup O’ Joe, and Roosevelt in the downtown area, and the Stauf’s shop at the North Market.

I’m a big fan of both Stauf’s and Cup O’ Joe, and there are lots of people at our firm who are stone-cold Cafe Brioso java junkies.  I’ve not tried the other places, but if I take my Columbus Coffee Experience booklet and have it stamped after trying the fare at four of the establishments, I can stop by the Experience Columbus office and get a free Columbus Coffee Experience t-shirt.  Sweet!

It’s a small promotional effort, as promotional efforts go, but it’s a simple way of getting folks to recognize a little part of the great stuff Columbus has to offer, and support local businesses, besides.


Saturday morning is, in my view, the best day and time for doing chores.

IMG_5437I’m one of those people who tends to feel oppressed by household work that needs to be done.  I walk past the patio stones dotted with yard debris knocked down by thunderstorms, or unfolded laundry, or dishes in the sink, and it bothers me.  It’s as if the very knowledge that the work is out there brooding and waiting to be done weighs me down.

Hence, the beauty of the productive Saturday morning.  You get up after an enjoyable Friday night, you make yourself a good cup of coffee, and then you get started.  You move from room to room and chore to chore, sweeping out the patio, loading the dishwasher and folding the laundry, assembling what needs to be assembled, putting away what needs to be put away.  By 10 a.m. you can look around, see that you have accomplished a lot, and then enjoy the rest of the weekend guilt-free.

For me, at least, there is real pleasure in tackling and completing household chores.