A Cleveland Morning Walk (IV)

As we walked past the courthouse we passed news crew and the beginnings of a protest.  Inside a judge was ruling that a white Cleveland police officer, Muchael Brelo, was not guilty of two counts of manslaughter and assault in the killing of an unarmed African-American couple.  Prosecutors had contended that Bressi had stood on the hood of the couple’s car and fired 15 shots at them through the windshield after a high-speed chase that involved many police cars and the firing of dozens of shots by multiple officers.  The incident was one of several instances cited as examples of excessive force by police that have caused concern in the Cleveland African-American community.

A Well-Made Cocktail

Normally I’m a wine guy.  I shy away from distilled spirits because appalling incidents from my college days remain fresh in my memory.

But some nights, a cocktail sounds good.  Last night we visited the Society Lounge in Cleveland, which makes many fine cocktails and maintains a well-stocked bar.  When I learned that the barkeeps were locked in a Campari Cocktail Contest, with proceeds to benefit charity, I felt honor-bound to participate.  

Our bartender invented a drink called The Enemy Within, with gin, Campari, Cocchi, and blackberry, garnished with lemon peel.  It was excellent, looked good, and went down easy.  The fact that it was named after a Star Trek episode didn’t hurt, either.