Airport Under Construction

Port Columbus, central Ohio’s uniquely named and pleasantly manageable gateway to the world, is under construction . . . again.  In fact, it seems like our airport, and every airport, everywhere, is always under construction.  As I did an in-and-out trip to New York yesterday, the familiar presence of temporary walls and workers laboring to  “modernize” the concourses and make them more suitable for the engine of American commerce moved me to compose some doggerel.

Airport Under Construction

IMG_5615Airports used to be just for flying,

But now they’re a bigger production.

Because it must be more, more, more!

Our airport’s under construction.

Bookstores, clothing. and food galore

All offer their consumer seduction

You need a frozen yogurt, friend!

So our airport’s under construction.

You know, a neck massage sounds good

But no!  There’s an obstruction.

I can’t figure out a proper route

‘Cause our airport’s under construction,

I yearn for simpler, easier days of yore

When flying involved less sucktion.

Will it ever, ever end,

This airport under construction?

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