Milk Glass On The Cheap

IMG_5637Today Kish and I walked to the Short North.  It’s a hike from German Village, but it was a beautiful day — not too warm, with a pleasant breeze that made for an invigorating walk.

Our destination was Grandview Mercantile, a kind of high-end consignment store that specializes in vintage items, different kinds of artwork, kitschy furnishings, and assorted bric-a-brac.  There’s always something interesting to see there, and many of the items have tags that tie a declining price to their length of time on the shelves.  That makes shopping there even more tantalizing:  if you see something you like, do you buy it now, or wait, hoping that the price will decline and it won’t be pounced on by somebody else before you can snatch up a bargain?

Today we were browsing, but ran across these two milk glass items that had reached the end of the line on price and duration.  Kish loves milk glass and I like it too, and we couldn’t pass these up because the bottom line price for both of them was only $12.50 — just a fraction of their original tab.  They look pretty good on our dining room table, too.

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