The Lap Dog Experiment

Kasey came to us a little rough around the edges.  What the heck — she was a rescue dog obtained at the Humane Society, coming from an unknown, possibly troubled past.  It was no surprise that she growled at me from time to time, charged at other dogs on the street, and otherwise displayed some clearly aggressive tendencies.

IMG_2865But — as was the case in the plot of My Fair Lady — could this dirty-faced, territorial pooch become a fully domesticated, docile, mannerly lap dog?  If so, how?  It’s the kind of scientific experiment in heredity versus behavioralism that would have intrigued Pavlov.

I’m pleased to report that our little experiment in cultured canine behavior has now concluded, and Kish has once again brought another dog fully to heel.  She’s like the dog whisperer, except it’s really hugs and kisses that seem to do the trick.  Whatever her secret, Kasey now is perfectly happy to sit on Kish’s lap on the sofar, and she follows Kish around just like Penny did, and Dusty did before Penny.  Kish has just got the knack.

Do you have a poorly behaved, barky, jerky dog?  My lovely wife may be able to help.

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