The Candidate On The Corner

It’s pretty rare when you get to see an actual presidential candidate in person.  I’m really lucky, because I’ve walked past one on the way home from work.

IMG_6135The candidate’s name is Timothy R. Farkas.  On two afternoons recently he’s been camped out at the corner of Third Street and Fulton, at the entrance to the on-ramp to I-70, wearing shorts and a summer shirt, holding a hand-lettered sign announcing his candidacy and happily waving at cars as they passed by.  I shook his hand — that’s what you’re supposed to do with candidates — and took his picture.  He urged me to check out his website, but the address on his sign is wrong. I found his website here.

Mr. Farkas’ decision to pursue the presidency so publicly made me smile.  When I grew up in a more innocent time, people often said that in America anyone could grow up to be the President.  It’s nice to see that some people still believe it.


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