The Walrus

IMG_0678Thursday Kish, UJ and I met for lunch at The Walrus.  It’s another one of the many new places that have opened recently in downtown Columbus.  In this case, it’s on east Main Street, just around the corner from Dirty Frank’s and the Little Palace, part of a growing food and entertainment zone near the intersection of Fourth and Main.

The Walrus is a kind of restaurant/bistro/bar — one of those establishments that seems to have just about everything you’d need for a good time.  It’s got drinks, it’s got food, it’s got a pool table, it’s got an outdoor eating/drinking/smoking area, and it’s got a garage door at the front that they roll up when the weather cooperates to let the sun shine in.  It’s the kind of place that looks like it would be a lot of fun at night.

Unlike many of those combo places, Walrus has good food.  I mean, really good food.  We tried their deep-fried deviled eggs, which is a signature dish, and it was very tasty indeed.  My short rib sliders were especially choice — moist and meaty, tender and flavorful, a great lunch item when combined with Walrus fries.  It would go perfectly with a cold draft beer, but I managed to resist the temptation.  Some Saturday, perhaps . . . .

I’m happy to see a new part of downtown get a little more zing, especially an area that is close to German Village.  I’m glad that The Walrus has arrived, and I’d love it if one of the storefronts nearby became The Carpenter.

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