Third Sunday At Frank Fetch

IMG_6234Last night, between thunderstorms, Kish and Kasey and I walked over to Frank Fetch Park.  The third Sunday of every month the German Village Garten Club puts on a free concert at the little park that is located in the heart of German Village, and we wanted to check out the festivities.

IMG_6228We found that the 3rd Sunday Concerts are a great, very relaxed atmosphere.  People bring lawn chairs and dogs and food and drinks and — in one case, at least — a parrot that appeared to be molting, and the park is a beautiful, intimate setting.  The music was pretty darned good, too.  Last night it was the Shaun Booker Band, which had a great vocalist, guitarist, and saxophonist and played some funky jazz, including a pretty soulful version of The Beatles’ Come Together.

The 3rd Sunday Concerts are a nice way to get the last little bit of fun out of the weekend before the work day begins.  Kasey liked it, too.  For that matter, so did the parrot.

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