In The Garden With Georges

IMG_6206On Sunday I fulfilled one of my Columbus-area bucket list items:  I visited the Columbus Topiary Park.

IMG_6216Located on the grounds of what used to be the park for the School for the Deaf, the Topiary Park is an attempt to recreate, in topiary form, the Georges Seurat pointillist painting, Study for a Sunday on La Grande Jatte.  Some of the elements of the painting are still in the process of taking shape — after all, we are talking about growing live shrubbery, and then trimming it into the right form — but much of the scene is in place.  It’s delightful, and much larger than Kish and I were expecting.  With the old School for the Deaf (now the Cristo Rey school) as a backdrop, it is a very pleasant place.

It’s embarrassing that I’ve never set foot in the Topiary Park before.  It’s right downtown, tucked behind the Main Library.  I’m not sure why, in retrospect — but now I have, and I’m glad I visited. I also learned that the Park is home to concerts by the Jazz Arts Group musicians on some Saturdays during the summer.  I’m thinking we might be back.

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