Boy Band Grammar

I’m not familiar with One Direction or, for that matter, any “boy bands.”  For all I know, their music is puerile.  Nevertheless, I must confess that I like the style of Harry Styles, one of the One Direction band members.

At a recent One Directions concert in Philadelphia, Styles noticed a fan’s handmade sign that read: “Hi Harry! Your so nice” followed by a hand-drawn heart.  Styles noticed the sign and asked one of the security personnel to retrieve it along with a pen.  He then corrected the sign to read “Hi Harry!  You’re so nice” and then added “Thank you!  Harry” and had it returned to the fan.

I recall learning from colleagues with daughters that apparently every boy band has at least one “nice boy” to go with at least one “bad boy.”  I’d agree with the fan that Harry Styles seems like a good guy — and I like the fact that he’s standing up for good grammar in the teenybopper world.  The difference between “your” and “you’re” has long been a grammar pet peeve of mine, too.  I wouldn’t mind it if one of the “bad boys” in the band did some grammar correction, too.

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