My Personal Debate-Free Zone

I know the second Republican “debate” is tonight, but I’m not watching it.  Frankly, it just seems like too much of a freak show, or like I’m slowing down to rubberneck at some accident on the highway.  I feel sorry for most of the candidates, too.

This is all because of Donald Trump.  Just watching him kind of embarrasses me.  It’s as if he will say anything, or change any position, for an applause line.  He doesn’t seem to do his homework, either.

Sorry, but I think the job of running our country is a lot more serious than that, and requires more thought than it takes to fire off a late night Tweet.  I don’t want a President who “wings it.”  I want the President — whoever he or she may be — to make good decisions, not provide entertainment.

So I’m not going to watch the debate tonight.  I’ll read the news accounts, and pay attention to what the non-Trump candidates have to say — to the extent that the press even reports that information amidst all the Trump histrionics.  And in the meantime, I’ll be grateful that the real debating and real voting isn’t for a few months yet.  With luck, by then the Trump balloon will have finally popped, and we can start paying attention again.

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