A Great Advance In Draft Beer Technology

Recently I was seated at a bar directly in front of the beer tap, engaged in a pleasant conversation.  We decided that the talk would be aided if we wet our whistles, so we ordered two drafts.  The barkeep placed a plastic cup on a platform, pressed it down, and the cup started to fill — from the bottom.

Wait . . . what just happened?  And thanks to that apparent bit of beer tap magic, the conversation stopped dead in its tracks.


It turns out that what we thought were the beer taps were really just for show, to let people know what draft options were available.  The bartender explained that the bar was using the latest in draft beer technology, and what seemed like magic was really just a clever use of magnetism.  Each plastic cup has a coated magnetic disk oon top of a metal ring on its bottom, covering a hole through which the beer is poured.  When the cup is pressed on to the beer injection surface, the disk is dislodged and the beer rises to the top, without any spillage or sudsy overflow.  When the cup is moved, the disk moves back to the bottom of the cup, keeping the beer snug and secure, ready to be enjoyed.  According to the barkeep, the system was first seen on a TV show where entrepreneurs display their products, and it works like a charm.

The bar saves money because no beer is wasted, and the customer gets a perfectly poured glass of cold beer — and a little magic show, besides.  Pretty cool!

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