Hand Crank

On a recent trip, I asked to get the cheapest, most no-frills car that the rental agency offered — and they delivered.  And how!

IMG_6977Believe it or not, I got a car that did not have power windows.  Instead, it had the old hand crank, which I dutifully used to raise the window and lower it.  I found myself wondering how many people under the age of, say, 40 would even know what the hand crank was and how it worked.  They might still be searching for the automatic window button.

The car also did not have an automatic trunk de-latching lever — you had to manually use the key to unlock the trunk.  I know that this was mystifying to the younger generation, because the 20-something guy who brought my car from the valet parking area tried to pop the trunk , but couldn’t find a latch to do so.  When I explained that you needed to get out of the driver’s seat, go to the back, and unlock the trunk manually, he seemed astonished — like he expected pigeons to fly out of the trunk or some other magical feat to be performed.

I know the older set among us will be thinking about other signs of older cars versus newer cars.  I can advise you that (1) the car had seat belts, (2) the car had bucket seats, and (3) the car did not have only an AM radio.

Still, the hand crank for the windows was a trip down memory lane, back to the first few cars I ever owned.  It was bizarre to find it on a recently manufactured rig.

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