A Nurse In The Family

Grandma Webner always said that she wanted to have a doctor in the family.  Alas, none of her sons or grandsons were able to fulfill her wishes — and the lawyers in the family just didn’t have the same cachet as an honest-to-goodness M.D.

Today Grandma Webner would be happy camper because our family has added the next best thing to a doctor — a nurse.  Our niece Brittany Hartnett learned that she has passed all of her boards and is now officially a nurse.

It’s great news for Brittany and her family, and it’s also nice to see the good things that can happen when someone follows their dream and works very hard to see that dream realized.  Becoming a nurse takes a lot of effort and dedication and stamina, to say nothing of a strong stomach and an enormous reservoir of patience and goodwill toward humanity.  There’s a chronic shortage of nurses in the United States, and it’s reassuring to know that talented young people like Brittany are stepping up to answer the call and fill that important need.

Congratulations, Britt!

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