Hello Emerson

IMG_7197If you’re in Columbus and you’re looking for some good live music, take a gander at the music venue sites and see whether Hello Emerson is playing somewhere.  Kish and I caught the trio last night with Dr. Science and the Bionic Half-Marathoner at The Basement in the Arena District, and they’re definitely worth a good listen.

In the interests of full and fair disclosure, I should add that Jack Doran, the keyboard player and percussionist for Hello Emerson, is the oldest son of Dr. Science and the BH-M.  I don’t think I’m influenced by bias, however, in saying that Hello Emerson plays some interesting and tuneful music that just might get you to thinking about life.  There was a pretty good crowd at The Basement to listen to them last night as the first band in a three-band show, and the group got a rousing ovation at the end of their set.

According to Sam, the guitar player and lead singer, Hello Emerson plays regularly at the brilliantly named Kerouac Kafe in Columbus.  Catch them if you can!

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