Trumping SNL

Is anyone going to watch Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live?  I won’t — but not because of any organized boycott.

Trump’s not my cup of tea.  I think he’s a buffoon and an offensive jerk who hasn’t even put on the pretense of studying the issues.  But what’s really pathetic is that Saturday Night Live invited him to be guest host in the first place.  It shows that SNL has reached the desperation stage and will try to do anything to get better ratings.

When I was in college the original SNL was must-watch Saturday night TV.  It was hilarious and absolutely nailed the ’70s.  And some of SNL‘s later iterations, particularly during the Phil Hartman and Will Ferrell eras, were equally good.  But the show’s been lame for some time now, and having Donald Trump on isn’t going to help any.

We’ve reached a kind of weird point in our culture, haven’t we?  A businessman becomes a reality show star with a catch phrase, then becomes a political candidate whose bombastic bluntness makes him popular with a segment of the electorate, and now he loops back to TV again to try to prop up the ratings of a once-great show.  Who’d have thought we’d reach the point where SNL needed a politician to get people to watch, and where a presidential candidate would move from a candidates’ debate to a late-night sketch comedy show?

I hope the show really sucks.



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