The Marathoner In The Family

Yesterday, Richard ran and finished his third marathon.  He’s now run marathons in Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, and San Antonio.

2013 San Antonio Rock n RollThis is all kind of strange to me, because I am not a runner.  In fact,  I’m more of an ambler.  I not only possess no meaningful athletic talent, I possess no meaningful athletic inclination, either.  I probably couldn’t run a half mile without collapsing by the side of the road, and Kish isn’t exactly out dashing around Columbus, either.

So how in the world did we end up with a son who has the determination and perseverance and stamina to run more than 26 miles at a pop — and train for it to boot? I frankly admit that I am awed at what Richard is doing.

So forgive me if I take a minute to say that I’m proud of my son, the marathoner.  Way to go, Richard!

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