Mysteries Of The Opposite Sex

Last night I passed this sign on my way to dinner, and it stopped me in my tracks.  What is “eyebrow threading,” I wondered, and how does it produce the promised “unique shape”?  Perhaps, I thought, it involves something like threading a needle.

Alas, the storefront of the business provided no ready answers.  It featured a video of an eye being subjected to a complicated eyebrow-related procedure involving what looked like a rubber band.  It also appeared to be a painful operation for the disembodied eye, frankly.  I hurried on, disturbed by the Daliesque quality of the video, which looked like an outtake from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Why would anyone go through a potentially painful procedure to achieve a unique eyebrow shape?  If the eyebrow had become unacceptably unruly, why not simply trim it?  Beats me, but then I’m a guy who can’t keep straight the difference between eyeliner and mascara.  The realities of eyebrow threading will just have to remain one of the many  curious mysteries of the fairer sex.

5 thoughts on “Mysteries Of The Opposite Sex

  1. Curious mysteries?

    Evidently you have somehow gone your entire life not noticing the painful lengths that females go to in order to survive in this world. Females don’t magically have different eyebrows from males. They pluck, wax, and yes, sometimes thread, their eyebrows, on a constant basis, in order to be accepted and not treated as unkempt, even though men do not face any of the same pressure.

    This is hardly a mystery. It’s blatant reality.

    There’s even a name for it – sexism.


  2. They say ignorance is bliss.

    Would you go out with someone who has a unibrow?
    Now, I won’t scream bloody murder or go on a feminist rant.
    Because, frankly I know a lot of straight men who are doing this.
    It’s all about appearances and about the general notion of beauty. But thankfully, that definition is slowly changing.

    Be that as it may, I think you accept that women do this (“trim unruly eyebrows”) but were just wondering why we subject ourselves to such a painful procedure?

    Mostly because it takes longer to grow back rather than trimming.

    Why do we need to trim in the first place is a debate for another time…….and it begins from the thought that the notion of “unacceptably unruly” needs to be discarded.

    🙂 Hope you understood.


  3. Thanks to Tiffany267 and Staircase Wit for sharing their thoughts. I’m aware of eyebrow trimming, which of course men do, too — unless they want to have shaggy eyebrows as kind of a faux-wisdom-invoking, Kingsfieldesque trademark — and the plucking and waxing that women endure due to social mores. What I found intriguing, though, was the concept of threading, specifically, to achieve “unique shape,” which I thought would be something different than a basic, trimmed eyebrow shape. Can someone explain exactly what the threading process involves?


    • Unique shape is just a gimmick, honestly. (In the picture)
      There are some set shapes. Angular/ non angular and the like. A google search would be helpful.
      Women who thread just do so to enhance their natural shape. That’s all. It’s more sharp and fine with threading.


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