The Donald’s Red Card

As the polls continue to indicate that Donald Trump is staying at the top of the Republican field heading into the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, the news media and his fellow Republican candidates are taking an even closer look at his biography and personal history.

trump-in-military-schoolBut how do you trip up the Trumpster?  After all, we know he’s a “reality” TV star, his enterprises have had a number of very public bankruptcies, his political positions have flipped and flopped, and he’s been through messy divorces.  We know from his countless public personalities that he’s a blowhard, a mean-spirited and thoughtless cad, an egomaniac, and a know-nothing.  So, how do you trip the guy up?  If stuff that other candidates would desperately want to bury is already well known to the public, and the supporters of Trump just don’t seem to care, where do you turn your opposition research to try to find those explosive negative nuggets to use in your next attack ad and hopefully turn the tide?

Here’s the answer: soccer.  That’s right, soccer.  When Trump went to the New York Military Academy, he actually played soccer.  But it’s even worse than that: according to his yearbook bio, he played varsity soccer in 1963, the year after he played varsity football.  Sure, he’s wrapping himself in the American flag now — even to the point of playing Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. at the start of his rallies — but when push came to shove at the NYMA, he quit the game that celebrates America’s core values of toughness and discipline and changed over to a European sport where players routinely fake injuries to get an advantage.  Sorry, buddy — that’s not the American Way!

Seriously, Mr. Trump?  In the bloom of youth, you quit football to play soccer?  Along with all of Trump’s other flaws, that crucial decision, standing alone, should disqualify him for the Oval Office.


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