The Kicker And The Kids

Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh missed a chip shot field goal in a playoff game last week, and the Vikings lost.  No doubt he heard about it, in excruciating and probably vulgar detail, from the fans, and no doubt he personally felt terrible about it.

But then a first grade class decided to give him a show of support.  The kids wrote letters and drew pictures to encourage him, and recently Walsh stopped by their class to thank them.  You could tell that this football player was genuinely touched by the gesture and the kids’ innocent, warm-hearted decency and kindness.  The video above reports on Walsh’s visit and shows some of the kids’ drawings.

It’s a wonderful story that reminds me of the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  These kids know that there’s more to Blair Walsh, the human being, than a missed field goal, and they want to support him.  Why can’t more adults be like that?

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