At Scioto Audubon Park

IMG_0604Today was one of those days where you just can’t stay inside.  Kasey and I both felt like exploring, so we set out for the Scioto Audubon Metro Park on the Whittier peninsula, just south of the Brewery District.

It was a beautiful day, with a gusting breeze, bright sunshine and a temperature in the 60s.  It was a perfect day for a man and his dog to take a walk — and we weren’t the only ones who thought so.  We strolled along the busy Scioto Trail, which is part of the Central Ohio Greenways trail network, stopped at the Audubon Park buildings, took in a view of the muddy but shimmering Scioto River, and then walked to the other side of the buildings to get a view of downtown Columbus from the south.  After Kasey showed that she was interested in tussling with, or at least barking at, every other dog on the trail — what the heck, she obviously felt the sap rising — we decided to call it a day and head home.

One of these days Kish and I are going to get out our bikes and head down the Scioto Trail to see where it takes us.


One Day Without Coffee

Yesterday, at about 7 p.m., I was making myself dinner in the kitchen.  I passed the coffee maker and realized, with a start, that I had gone an entire day without drinking so much as a single sip of joe.

IMG_0583It happened by accident, thanks largely to Kasey.  With Kish out of town, I’m in charge of our little beagle mix buddy.  When I woke up, she needed to be fed and walked immediately — with Kasey, pretty much everything having to do with food or bodily functions is urgent and requires urgent barking treatment — and I decided we would just head in to office after she got her grub.  Once at the office, I kept my office door closed so Kasey would stay put, and I didn’t want to risk her darting out and running around the floor if I left to make myself a cup of coffee.

By the time I was done with work and we had walked home, the morning hours had passed without the customary java infusion.  I set out to a nearby eatery to get some lunch — a meal where my customary drink of choice is always water with lemon — and then puttered around the house doing some chores and reading.  By the time dinnertime rolled around, I discovered that I had been surprisingly coffeeless for the whole day.

This isn’t that big of a deal, obviously.  I’m sure that once or twice during the 40-odd years that I have been drinking coffee that I have missed a day . . . but I sure don’t remember it.  Coffee has been a standard part of my daily routine, but routines are made to be broken.

One of my friends, the Wrestling Fan, decided a few years ago to give up coffee.  He’s happy he did it and says he feels less wired and more relaxed.  I’m not ready to give coffee up entirely — in fact, I’m happily slurping down a cup as I write this — but it’s nice to know that I can skip a day or two now and then without feeling terrible withdrawal symptoms.  Thanks, Kasey, for showing me that living in the coffee-free zone can be done.

Sunday Sunrise

IMG_0578Today Kasey and I got up early and took a very long walk around German Village and neighboring Merion Village.  We passed through Schiller Park just as the sunshine was peeking through the surrounding trees, dappling the landscape, and the ducks were starting to quack and head out onto the water.  There was a slight chill in the air, but the sunshine and bright blue sky were hints of a glorious day to come.