Mean Trick

IMG_20160303_043331I’m in  Atlanta for meetings today.  During the wee hours I got up to use the hotel room bathroom, and after I was finished I decided to check the time on the clock radio next to the bed.

It read:  6:20.

Wait, 6:20?  Crap, I’ve overslept!

So I got up and turned on the lights and began doing the work I needed to do before my meetings started, dealing with that jagged surge of adrenalin that you feel when you realize you’ve overslept.  I started reading and answering emails on my iPhone, and then I noticed the time indicated on my phone — which was 4:20.  Huh?  I then went to my tablet as the tiebreaker, and it read 4:20, too.

So somebody had messed with the hotel room clock, moving it two hours ahead.  Why would somebody do that?  The only thing I can think of is that they thought it would be a funny, mean prank to give an unpleasant jolt to an unsuspecting traveler who was checking the time in the morning — because that’s the only time you look at a clock in a hotel room.

What kind of stupid, inconsiderate jerk would do such a thing?  I’m guessing it was a Trump voter.

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