Welcome, Arnoldites!

Or perhaps it’s Arnoldians.  Or Arnoldavians.

IMG_0630Whatever!  This is the weekend when the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival — known to Columbus residents simply as The Arnold — comes to town, attracting tens of thousands of visitors.  It’s also the weekend when every male who works in downtown Columbus feels like the sickliest, flabbiest, most out of shape girly man imaginable.  That’s because this is the weekend we’re regularly rubbing elbows with impossibly buff, cut-up, bulging people who appear to be bursting with vitality, or something, out of every pore, hyperflexed muscle, and engorged blood vessel.

I have no statistics to prove this, but I’m guessing that, next to New Year’s Day, the Monday after The Arnold sees more Columbus people sign up for gym memberships than happens on any other day of the year.

Even though the weekend of The Arnold makes most of us feel undisciplined and physically inadequate, we welcome it just the same.  It’s always one of Columbus’ top tourism weekends of the year.

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