What Are The Odds?

Last weekend, while Kasey and I were out for a walk, we passed a toilet that had been placed out by the side of the road, with a sign on it that read “Free Toilet — It Works!”  When we passed by the same place a day or two later, the toilet and its tank were gone.

IMG_0559It was, of course, a nice gesture for the prior owner of the toilet to put it by the side of the street and offer it for free to any toilet-needy person.  But, what are the odds that a person in dire need of a new toilet would come by at that precise window of time, see the available toilet, and take it away before it was carted off by the authorities offended by the presence of a discarded toilet on a residential street?

It seems like it would be very long odds.  But what if it did happen?

Ben, a driver in a battered pick-up:  “Myrtle, I know I promised we could get you a new toilet to replace that lime green commode back when we installed the green and yellow shag carpeting.  That toilet has served us long and well.  But I invested all of our money in those courses from Trump University.  I’m afraid we just can’t afford a new toilet right now!”

Myrtle, his long-suffering wife:  “I know, Ben, but I have faith that the training you received from Trump University will help us become enormously successful one day.  I’m sure the payback will be huge.  Huge!”

Ben:  “Still, I feel like a failure.  What kind of husband can’t give his wife a new toilet when she wants one?  It makes me feel like a man with small hands!”

Myrtle, looking embarrassed and desperately wanting to change the subject:  “Say, I’ve always wanted to drive through German Village.  What do you say?”

Ben:  “Fine.  This street looks like a nice one.”

Myrtle:  “Ben, wait!  What’s that flash of white porcelain up ahead!  Could it be?”

Ben:  “Oh my God!  It’s a toilet! And the sign says it’s free and it works!”

Myrtle:  “And it’s white, too!  We’re moving up, Ben!  Hallelujah!  With the Trump University training and a new, free, high-class white toilet, nothing can stop us now!”

Sure, the odds are incredibly long that this scenario happened.  But with what’s going on in politics right now, I’m convinced nothing is impossible.

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