Why I’m Voting For John Kasich

Tomorrow morning I’ll walk down to my voting place in Schiller Park, show my driver’s license and sign my name in the ledger book, and then touch the screen for John Kasich in the Ohio Republican primary election.  And after I do, I’ll be especially proud to walk out with that “I voted today” sticker.

I think John Kasich has been a perfectly fine governor.  I haven’t agreed with everything he’s done, and my friends on the left side of the spectrum have objected to many of his initiatives and decisions, but Ohio has done pretty well while he’s been in office.  Even more important, Ohio has continued to adhere to its traditional Midwestern political sensibilities during the Kasich Administration, which means politics that are largely non-confrontational and a bit boring.  Normally, you wouldn’t call continuing that approach an accomplishment, but these are not normal times.  When I see people getting into fistfights at political rallies, and candidates shouting over each other and even bragging about their sexual potency during debates, it reminds me that the dull, consensus-oriented, Ohio approach to politics has a lot to recommend to the country as a whole.

image_votingAnd I’ll be blunt — in casting my ballot for John Kasich, I’m mostly voting against someone, too.  Some people bemoan elections where they have to chose between the “lesser of two evils” and even talk about how they might not vote because none of the candidates sufficiently inspire them.  Not me!  I’ve never had illusions about perfect politicians, or believed that candidates would or could cure all of our problems.  In the vast majority of presidential elections, I’ve pulled the level based on my own cold-eyed analysis of which candidate would do the least amount of harm to a country that has been an important source of freedom, strength, and good in the world.  And it will be that way, again, tomorrow.

So when I vote for John Kasich, I’ll do so in hopes that my one vote might help Kasich beat Donald Trump in the Ohio primary and keep Trump from being the Republican candidate for President.  Donald Trump obviously doesn’t mind offending people, and he’s offended me.  I’ve been offended by his insult-oriented approach to politics, I’ve been offended by his rank appeals to the worst impulses in people, and most of all I’ve been offended by his unprincipled, know-nothing positions on the issues.  I can’t imagine such a vacuous, conceited blowhard as the standard-bearer for a major party, much less as President.  By so obviously not doing his homework and developing even a rudimentary understanding of the issues, Trump has shown nothing but contempt for our political processes. Tomorrow, I get to show my contempt for him in the most important way a citizen can.

I’m not alone in this.  Yesterday I got an email from a friend who said he would be doing the same thing come Tuesday, and I’ve spoken to another friend who will, too.  I’d be willing to bet that many other Ohioans feel exactly the same way.  Who knows?  Maybe Ohio will make a statement on Tuesday, and maybe this time it will be heard.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Voting For John Kasich

  1. First of all, I’m a big believer in your right to vote for whoever you want for whatever reason you want. Here’s my issue with your concept, however:

    I’d really prefer that the voters decide the Republican nominee instead of insiders at the convention.

    It seems to me that the race is really between Cruz and Trump and that Kasich is just doing his best to deny the voters the opportunity to choose. If you don’t like Trump, why not vote for Cruz?


    • ORP, I agree with you in concept. I am not keen on the idea of Republican insiders making the decision on the nominee, either. However, voters in Ohio and other states really are in a bit of a quandary because of the calendar — by the time we vote, there is always some presumptive frontrunner, and if we don’t like the frontrunner and want to vote against him, there’s always the argument that we are encouraging a “brokered convention” and thwarting the will of other voters — when in reality we are really just exercising our own rights.

      I don’t like Ted Cruz, frankly, but the main reason I am voting for Kasich is that Ohio’s primary is a winner-take-all contest, and I don’t think Ted Cruz — or for that matter Marco Rubio, who I think is a much more attractive candidate — has a prayer of winning here.


      • I can see that. I just really feel that this is the year when the people are saying, “Hey, Washington Elites, you haven’t been listening to us. No more!”

        Their response? A contested convention where they can not listen to us and instead pick a candidate.

        I’m not a big Cruz fan, either, but I’d rather him if he’s picked by the voters than someone the elites pick.


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