Obtuse Opening Day Optimism

This time of year you’ll hear a lot of people talk about how wonderful baseball in the spring is.  Every team is still in it.  Hope springs eternal!  And everybody can still cling to their most optimistic tendencies.

3You want optimism?  Here’s optimism for you — the baseball powers that be scheduled the Cleveland Indians to play their Opening Day game today, in Cleveland.  Scheduling baseball games in Cleveland in early April:  now that’s optimism!

Of course, the game was postponed because the weather sucked.  My friends in Cleveland reported temperatures in the 30s and a likelihood for snow flurries.  That’s not baseball weather, not by any stretch of the imagination, and it’s unfair to the Big Leaguers to even suggest that they should consider playing under such conditions.

I know Clevelanders like the idea of starting the season there, but it’s lunacy.  Give everyone a break and play the first few weeks of the season in southern cities and cities with domed stadiums, then let the rotation work its way to the Clevelands and Detroits and Bostons.

There’s optimism, and then there’s insanity.  Scheduling baseball in Cleveland in early April falls into the latter category.


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