Tiny Door (II)

On this morning’s ridiculously brisk walk with Kasey, we encountered another tiny door — this one on Third Street.  It’s very well done, complete with planter, bench . . . and pooch.

My niece says there are hundreds of tiny doors in Columbus.  So far, we’ve found two in German Village, and I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for more.


Snowy April

IMG_0787We awoke this April 9 to a fresh dusting of snow on the ground, and of course temperatures in the 20s.  Sure!  Why not?  There’s not quite enough bad news in the world, so let’s add some really crappy spring weather to have a depression multiplication effect!  Thanks, Mother Nature!

OK, we probably shouldn’t be whiners.  After all, it’s not even an inch of accumulation, which is less than those poor schmoes have been getting in the Northeast.  Still . . . it’s the principle of the thing.

Sometimes Ohio weather blows.