Anybody who’s leery of going to the dentist will undoubtedly appreciate this story:  a man from Indiana went to the dentist to have four teeth pulled, only to awaken from the procedure to find that all of his teeth had been removed.

dentures-anchorage1The four teeth were being yanked out to allow the dentist to deal with an abscess — which is a disgusting enough problem in the first place, when you think about it.  According to the patient’s wife, the dental surgeon then decided to pull all of the teeth to prevent the spread of the infection. The dentist’s office is limited in what it can say about the patient because of federal health care privacy laws, but has released a statement that every patient receives a thorough explanation of the treatment plan for their condition and the issues that might arise, and then executes an appropriate consent form.  Either way, a guy who had a full set of choppers when he was put under later awoke from the procedure with a gaping void where once his teeth had been.

We tend to take our teeth for granted — until they aren’t there, I guess.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to wake up and find that all of my teeth were gone, but having read the story about that guy from Indiana I’m sure going to do what it takes to avoid ever having to deal with that nightmarish scenario.

Excuse me while I go brush my teeth, will you?


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