Prime Rib, Medium Rare

Last weekend Kish and I visited a new steakhouse in town.  I was looking forward to the visit, because I was hungry and eager to tuck in to a well-prepared piece of beef.

That night I had a special hankering for one of my favorite cuts of meat: prime rib, medium rare.  Alas, when we arrived and I had the chance to carefully review the menu, I was disappointed to learn that prime rib wasn’t among the offerings.

oEh?  A self-proclaimed steakhouse that doesn’t offer prime rib?

Unfortunately, it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence.  Most non-vegetarian, American-style restaurants have filets and ribeyes and New York strips on the menu.  Most steakhouses will offer different sizes of those staples, and typically a porterhouse, a Kansas City strip, or a hangar steak option, as well as lamb chops.  But prime rib, which was a common menu option in restaurants of days gone by, seems to have hit the cutting room floor.  It’s getting to the point that if you want to get some prime rib these days, you have to go to a medieval-themed eatery where suits of armor line the walls and the waitresses wear costumes with bodices.

Tastes change, sure, but nevertheless I’m mystified by this development.  I just don’t get the filet phenomenon.  Filets are too soft and mushy for my tastes.  They’re like the non-steak steak, eaten by weak-kneed, vegetarian-wannabe steak apologists.  The heck with that!  I want a cut of beef with some texture to it, that provides some resistance when you chew it and isn’t described as being like butter in your mouth.  Sometimes, only a prime rib, medium rare, thick and juicy and ready to be carved into bite-sized morsels by an oversized steak knife, with a side of horseradish, will really do the trick.  But good luck finding it these days!

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop looking.

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