The Worst-Case Scenario

A presidential preference poll came out the other day.  Ho hum, right?

This one was a little different, though, because it offered respondents the option of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or a giant meteor hitting the Earth.   Thirteen percent of the respondents decided they would take their chances with the giant meteor.

create-your-own-zombie-adventure-could-you-survive-the-zombie-apocalypse-590087I think pollsters offering worst-case scenario options as an alternative to the two depressing major party candidates is an inspired concept, but I think the menu of alternatives needs to be significantly expanded.  I mean, a giant meteor hitting the Earth probably would be bad, sure — but you’d at least hold out hope that you might be able to survive it, so long as the meteor didn’t land in your neighborhood.  Other potential large-scale disasters that need to be considered as comparison points in order to truly probe the extent of our displeasure with this year’s godawful presidential choice.  I suggest the following:

  • A zombie apocalypse
  • Radioactive snakes emerging from the ocean depths
  • An invasion of flesh-eating aliens
  • Killer robots that live in your toilet
  • Being forced to sit through an unending screening of Rob Schneider movies

Only by truly and thoroughly exploring the list of worst-case scenarios can we probe the depths of our dissatisfaction.

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