Bear Sighting


After we crossed into Alberta yesterday, we promptly saw our first indigenous wildlife — in this case, a brown bear.  She was nosing along the shrub line with a baby bear, oblivious both to the staggering beauty of the Canadian Rockies in the background and to the fact that her appearance was causing a huge tie-up on the two-lane road leading into and out of Watertown Lakes Park.  Traffic was stopped in both directions, as people leapt from their cars to take pictures.

Me?  I took the picture above from the driver’s seat of my rental car.  I’m as much a fan of taking photos as anyone, but I don’t want to mess with bears.  I’m not sure what the people jostling at the roadside for the best camera angle would have done if the bear decided to turn and charge, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been pretty.

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