If you’re on the road in a faraway place, how do you know where you’ll get good food?  My theory is that you look for pie.  And, if you see a place with a sign touting the pie offerings, so much the better!  The concept underlying the theory is that anyone who has the patience to make a good pie with a light, flaky crust is likely to care about the quality of all the food she serves.  

It’s a theory that’s held up pretty well.

Here, in West Glacier, the theory was again put to the test — and I’m happy to report that the Glacier Highland Restaurant, right across the street from the west entrance to Glacier National Park, affirmed the theory with flying colors.  The grinning Cheri, proprietor of the Pie Bar, conveyed the truth.  Kish raved about the coconut cream pie, my apple pie a la mode, shown below, was excellent, and every morsel of food we’ve had there has been good.

We’ll be heading over there for breakfast tomorrow.  Say, have I mentioned that people used to eat pie for breakfast?


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