The Trip To Goat Haunt


On Sunday we took a boat trip to Goat Haunt, Montana.  The ship left from the dock at the village of Watertown, Alberta, and followed Upper Watertown Lake due south.


On the voyage, we cruised past some magnificent scenery, crossed the U.S.-Canadian border — helpfully marked by a pair of obelisks and a cut line in the dense pine forests — and were amused by the antics of some Asian millennials who took more selfies than photos of the breathtaking surroundings.  If the kids ever take a look at their hundreds of selfies — which I doubt — Kish and I will be prominently featured.


Our guide explained that the cruise’s stopping point on the American side is called Goat Haunt not because spectral goats are found there, but because “haunt” originally was synonymous with “hang out,” and lots of mountain goats are found on the surrounding peaks.  The U.S. park ranger facility at Goat Haunt has ten permanent residents, but great views.



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